Kelli Eagle


Prior to starting Cadellie's, Kelli spent her career as a general manager in the competitive legal-services environment where hand-in-hand customer consultation and exceptional service are the differentiators.  She has much experience in project and personnel management which enables her to keep everything running on task like a swiss watch.  She is also a mom and a tough consumer and demands that we deliver the highest level of service as she would expect herself.

We do more than provide third party recommendations.  We screen, evaluate and place our personal stamp of approval on each team member & affiliated partner. After matching them with you & your project, we will work hard-in-hand with them to ensure your satisfaction.  If you are not completely happy, neither are we ... and we'll strive to make it right!  That is our promise to you.

Leave it to Us

Rick Eagle

Rick is a mechanical engineer and businessman who has always had more fun completing weekend projects than being in the corporate fast lane.  Over time, projects grew into full scale remodels and helping friends turned into almost a full time job. Cadellie's fulfills a life long passion for creating new family spaces and his love of architectural design. Rick leads Cadellie's Operations team where he personally oversees every remodeling project and is driven to make certain every customer is satisfied.


Servicing Castle Rock and Douglas County, CO


Meet Cade and Ellie -- they are the inspiration for Cadellie's.  In 2010, Cade began the 3 1/2 year journey to beat childhood leukemia with his sister, Ellie, cheerfully by his side.  We (Rick & Kelli) both worked in demanding, on-the-road corporate jobs, often relying on others to help juggle treatment, hospital, and child care schedules.  It was during this time that the Cadellie's vision was born with the goal of building a local business where we could get off the road to be an active part of the local community, partner with other 

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out, and tracking down various home services companies can be a time-consuming gamble. Rely on our knowledge, broad base of partnerships, and experience instead -- we will pull it all together for you, manage the timeliness of all pieces of a project, and give you a guarantee on all work by us and our affilates. 

Why Choose Us for your Home improvements

our story and our commitment reside in our name

Our Promise to You

To offer a broad array of home services to meet a homeowners' needs, we are aligning ourselves with experienced & highly referred affiliated partners, tradespeople and craftsmen. Each team member or organizational partner is incentivized to provide exceptional customer service and shares in our success. 

Cadellie's is always looking to extend our professional partnerships with:

  • Specialty services companies 
  • Licensed tradesmen
  • General skilled craftsmen

If you are looking to expand your own business or have a skill to share, share our passion for exemplary customer service, have high integrity and excellent referrals, please contact us through our partner page.

small business owners, and serve fellow homeowners with their own home maintenance needs.  It may sound trite, but "home really is where the heart is" -- we are committed to help our customers create a beautiful, stress-free home environment and give them back a little time to enjoy it.

Outstanding Service & Quality at a Value

We can provide top notch quality at a value because of our low overhead and established business partnerships.  Unlike many companies, we do not pay franchise fees and we rely on referrals for the bulk of our marketing.  Likewise, our affiliated partners are local carpenters, tradesmen and home service businesses who are focused more on their craft than on their marketing presence.  This allows us to offer reasonable rates and provide outstanding service, regardless of your need, design preference, or budget constraint.

Affiliates & Service Partners